My Friends.

So I know that everyone claims they have the best friends in the world but I seriously have the best friends in the world. Flash back to this story which I had mentioned in a previous blog, I had a wonderful, pretty cool, straight up awesome teacher that made a pretty large impact on my life. Fast forward 7 years and you will get the summer of 2013 where I reconnected with that very women and God transformed my life. It started with a potential babysitting job for her kiddos and from there I was invited to Kainos (Kainos is my church family now). At Kainos I meet a bunch of people that definitely had an incredible amount of God in there lives, which I desired to have as well. I was invited to live with the pastor of there church within weeks. Crazy stuff right? Wrong, not crazy but definitely gods grace. Rewind a few months and you will get a depressed 19 year old who had moved 10 times since leaving home the day after high school, in her apartment in the bad part of Pottstown, scared, lonely, no where to turn. Fast forward till today and you will find a soon to be 21 year old surrounded by the greatest support system somebody could ask for. I thought God left me and abandoned me but he didn’t he had my plans in the works for years but didn’t reveal them until later. I am in awh everyday over the people he has placed in my life (you guys know who you are) he has blessed me with incredible friends, friends that became family, family that taught me and helps me grow everyday in my relationship with Christ. I pray to a God that I know listens and loves me unconditionally because he has showed me exactly that.


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