That thing called life…

It’s crazy how things can truly change in an instant. How somebody can be there one moment yet gone the next. How we walk through life on a daily basis yet don’t give thanks enough for all the little things. Life is truly a beautiful blessing that God chose for each of us to have. He took life and literally blew it into each of us. Take the time to live your life to the fullest with God as the center because I promise when you do he truly provides, you won’t regret it. Life becomes more beautiful, more clear, and better. There’s always going to be bad days but God can help us through them and allow us to grow, life’s always going to be a toss up because we live in a worldly world. Struggles will always be real but God will always promise to walk through those struggles with us. My challenge for you? Take the time smell the roses, don’t rush through the day but bask in gods glory!


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